As an initial introduction the best place to start is with the PDF document below.  The following is a selection of documents and videos that give an overview of Mitopia® (in suggested viewing order):

ThinkerSQ OntologyFrontSection.pdf - This PDF document consists of the introduction section only of the Mitopia® Technical Library document "The Carmot Ontology Definition Language". The document provides a concise overview of the philosophy and thinking behind the Mitopia® architecture, and in particular of the ontology definition language (ODL) that underlies it. This is a great place to start in understanding Mitopia® as a whole (48 pages).
MitopiaIntro Mitopia Intro.m4v - This video will give you an introduction to the concepts behind Mitopia®, the kinds of things it can do, and the technical approaches taken. The video extends on the concepts discussed in the PDF document and shows how they relate to actual software behavior within a Mitopia® based system. Around 1 hour 15 minutes running time (300 MB).
MitopiaDemo Mitopia Demo.m4v - This video gives a simple demonstration of Mitopia® using link analysis in a scenario involving a police department trying to find people running methamphetamine labs. Around 1 hour 45 minutes running time (550 MB).
CyberSecurity CyberSecurity.m4v - This video describes how easily and rapidly Mitopia® can be retargeted to different problem domains. The cyber security problem is used as a demonstration. Around 57 minutes running time (450 MB).
MitopiaNoSQL MitoipaNoSQL.m4v - This video compares Mitopia® directly with existing Information Level (as opposed to Knowledge level) database technologies such as relational databases and the new NoSQL movement technologies, in particular Hadoop. This video clarifies why current approaches fail to scale to truly massive data sets and why/how Mitopia® can. Around 1 hour 40 minutes running time (500 MB).
MitopiaBigData - This brief demo describes how Mitopia® can be used as the analytics engine in part of a larger Big Data solution.  The scenario used is that of a government immigration authority/organization.  It is assumed that other videos have already been viewed, so many concepts are not explored for brevity.  Around 32 minutes running time (270 MB).


For more details on the philosophy behind Mitopia®, see the 'Blog' posts.  For full understanding, these are best read from the oldest forward.  You can use the archive list to navigate the blog posts.


"MitopiaPlatform-Exec" - Executive Overview Summary of Mitopia® from a User Perspective (2.3MB)

"MitopiaPlatform-Tech" - Review of Mitopia Platform from a technical integrator perspective (152 KB)

"Enduring-Challenges" - Enduring challenges of U.S. Intelligence analysis addressed by Mitopia® - brief (1.4 MB)

"Mitopia-OODA" - Full length white paper on the Observe-Orient-Decide-Act (OODA) decision cycle and the need for a rapidly adaptive software architecture (345 KB)

"Defeating-Terrorism" - Defeating Terrorism through unconstrained information systems architectures (37 KB)