A New Approach to Data

Mitopia challenges current fundamental approaches to finding meaning in massive and diverse data, re-defining what is possible.

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The Data Comprehension Problem

Current “Big Data” solutions are simply aggregating and visualizing tagged meta data, and while recently emergent Artificial Narrow AI (ANI) approaches are making great progress in finding 'patterns' in seemingly complex, but tightly restricted data, neither approach leads to a situational understanding of the real world to allow 'reasoning' and planning accordingly.  Such an understanding is a prerequisite for the truly 'smart' systems of the future.  This is the domain of Artificial General AI (AGI), and most AI experts agree that the first real steps in that direction are at least 30 years away.  Today's approaches cannot scale to cognitively integrate and interconnect to find 'meaning' in the countless diverse, noisy, and ever changing sources that characterize the real world.

The Solution

The solution is a single seamlessly integrated, scalable and adaptable, end-to-end system that provides a unified environment built pervasively on a universal unifying congnitive ontology.  The system must handle all stages of the intelligence process from mining, ingestion, storage, search and retrieval, complex querying, analysis and visualization, through to reporting and presentation to decision makers.  For 'smart' systems, decisions must be made locally with reduced human involvement, but using the same underlying knowledge-level substrate.  In other words, there is a smooth transition from empowering human decision  making to the intelligent systems of the future.

Data Integration

The value of data explodes when it can be connected with other data, thus data integration has become the brass ring, the holy grail of intelligence system developers across the world today. The reasons pure data fusion has eluded most software developers until now are many, but this complex problem must be approached from an architectural perspective as opposed to an application perspective.

Architectural Adaptability

Mitopia Technologies’ competitive advantages over other providers of intelligence products and intelligence software developers are many, varied and patented, but possibly our greatest advantage is adaptability. We have developed an architecture as opposed to an application; and architecture that can easily be adapted to address and solve complex new problems with massive domain specific data sets without writing one additional line of core architectural code.

Operates at Knowledge Level

Mitopia®, The Definitive Intelligence Platform, operates at the Knowledge level of the pyramid where information is transformed into richly interrelated forms and then connected revealing the different and heretofore unseen interactions, patterns, trends and anomalies that are occurring between them allowing users to find ‘meaning’ in the information they contain. 

Mitopia®’s first iteration as a Knowledge Level Platform was originally deployed in the mid 90's. Over the ensuing decades years a unique confluence of events paved the way for this revolutionary, patented technology to redefine the way data is utilized and employed as an intelligence tool and evolve into the world’s Definitive Intelligence, and now AGI, platform. 

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Distributed, high performance, clustered & scaleable servers – designed for massively parallel operation, the server model allows logical servers to be globally distributed and auto-load-balanced as hierarchical clusters. Reduced setup and running costs are the result.

Practical Mitopia Application

Visualization, collaboration, & analysis – A complete set of tools is built in. With its powerful automated import/export capabilities, Mitopia® can be quickly integrated with external tools.

Cyber Security

We provide training for customer technical staff to extend/adapt installed systems as needed, you don’t need us any more.

Mitopia in Action {Video}

Complex connection-based query – Sick of getting millions of hits based on keywords? Now you can ask & answer the ‘knowledge level’ queries you really have in mind.

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