Mitopia Technologies, Inc. (formerly MitoSystems Inc.), with its Mitopia® platform, has historically designed and developed decision support systems for international government and multinational corporate clients. The highly adaptive and integrated Mitopia® environment has been under development for over thirty years, with large installations running for decades. Mitopia® provides capabilities and interoperability unparalleled in the global market.

“Mito” comes form the Greek word, “mitos” which means thread. The purpose of Mitopia®, a multithreaded, distributed architecture, is to fuse all data into a unified model, thus weaving the “threads” of disparate information into a composite whole for analytic and strategic intelligence.

Originally designed as an Intelligence/Business Intelligence architecture, Mitopia® subsequently evolved into a next generation computer architecture designed to solve all kinds of complex knowledge related and big data problems.  Solving such problems remains to this day beyond the ability of other current systems.  More recently, Mitopia's universal applicability and rigorous cognitive ontology underpinnings have made it an ideal architecture on which to integrate newly emergent Artificial Narrow AI (ANI) components with other subsystems and sources in order to develop 'smart' autonomous systems capable of broad domain reasoning (i.e., Artificial General AI - AGI).

John Fairweather is the President and CTO of Mitopia Technologies Inc., and the architect and principal developer of the Mitopia® platform.  He has worked continuously on this same code base (over a million lines) since 1989.  During that time he learned much about what it takes to tackle the problems involved.  Others are relatively new to the field, which really only came to prominence some time after 9/11.

As he followed the big-data/business intelligence/data-analytics/and AI industry news, it became apparent that the organizations (both vendor and client) involved in these fields have been trying to solve these huge knowledge-level (KL) problems using approaches that are inappropriate to the problem domain, and are rooted in old fashioned thinking about software.  We face the following truths:

  • We cannot simply make our information level (IL) databases bigger, nor can we pretend that text search goes even a fraction of the way towards addressing KL connection-based questions.
  • We cannot graft a KL technology (e.g., semantic ontologies like OWL) on top of IL databases and hope for performance.
  • All the pretty graphs and visualizers in the world cannot overcome the limitations of an IL substrate when asking KL questions.
  • Narrow and general AI are two distinct disciplines, the former (based on neural nets) is currently blooming, the latter according to most AI experts won't emerge for many decades to come.

There is no evolutionary path from today’s IL approaches that will get us to true KL functionality.  We cannot cobble together a KL solution out of a bunch of existing IL components.  We need an integrated approach, unfettered by IL tradeoffs and shortcomings.  A complete re-work of our approach to software development and data organization, from the most fundamental assumptions upwards, is required. We seek revolution, not evolution, in how we implement software systems.  It is clear that few if any nowadays has the time to think about the problem on these levels, let alone to do it.  As we move into the realm of truly 'smart' systems (KL and above) involving broad domain reasoning, Mitopia's unique architecture and decades of development can dramatically reduce the complexity of building these systems.  

The purpose of the articles in the Mitopia Blog is to expose others to the philosophy, capabilities, and thinking behind the unique Mitopia® platform.  These lessons have been learned the hard way over more than three decades working on this one problem, and more in software development in general.  John has been fortunate to have had the unique luxury of spending decades full-time, largely without the pressure of commercial delivery, on this one problem and all its ramifications.  There is much to learn.  Be prepared, this ‘big data’/AGI project (we see both as part of a KL continuum) started about 20 years before either term was invented, so there is nothing in common with conventional approaches or trends.

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We at Mitopia Technologies are confident that you will see that there is absolutely nothing else out there that even approaches the level of sophistication embodied in the Mitopia® technology.